Kim's Cottage Garden Plants
 Plants, Shrubs, Grasses etc for ornamental use only


The information given below relates to my web-site and whilst I have tried to be as accurate as possible with my answers it must be accepted that the odd error may occur for which I cannot be held responsible.

What does “Plant for Ornamental Use Only” mean?

“Plant for Ornamental Use Only” means a plant which is grown for decorative purposes.  It is Not edible.  All of the plants etc on this web-site are for Ornamental Use Only.


What size will my plants be when I receive them?

The size of plants I supply depends on the variety you have ordered  i.e.  A rockery plant will generally be smaller and in a smaller pot than a herbaceous plant.  However, all the plants I sell are of good size and are ready to plant/place into their permanent positions.


Will my plants come with any growing instructions?

Yes, each plant comes with its own label giving plant details i.e. height/colour etc and basic planting/culture advice.


How can I buy the plants?

You can buy my plants at one of the venues I will be attending (click "Venues" tab on left for details).  Alternatively, if you live in the Gee Cross area of Hyde, Tameside or in one of the following Stockport towns :- Romiley, Woodley, Bredbury, Marple Bridge, Marple.  You can e-mail me with your order and have your plants delivered to your home. (Click on "How To Buy" tab on left).


How do I pay for the plants which are being delivered?

With the exception of pre order hanging baskets which require a deposit of £5.00 per basket you do not pay "up front"  for plants you have ordered.  Terms are simply  "Cash on delivery"  i.e. You pay for the plants as you receive them.  Please note I can only accept payments in cash and not cheques, cr/dr cards etc.

What does "Protected by propagation rights" mean?

It is illegal to propagate i.e. from cuttings any plant, shrub etc. protected by propagation /plant breeders rights without obtaining a licence to do so.  Please note any  plant, shrub etc. which I am aware is subject to such rights, will have been grown from plug plants which I have purchased from bona fide suppliers.